Cindy Skaggs is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner with Integrated Financial Group.  She offers a wide range of financial services based on each clients' individual needs. Her investment recommendations will address your cash flow needs, tax status, risk tolerance, goals and objectives.

We serve individual clients and families at all levels of income and net worth. Many of our clients have come to us with specific needs they have already identified. Others are looking for a Comprehensive Financial Plan, where Cindy analyzes all facets of your financial situation. The comprehensive process provides for periodic updates, to review changes to your spending requirements, employment options, investment returns, health conditions, or other changes to your personal financial situation. These updates are extremely valuable to understand the impact on your future.

Cindy has designed an Initial Discovery Questionnaire, a short set of questions to provide her with enough background on you (family, employment, assets and liabilities, risk tolerance and time horizons) to tailor her initial discussion to your needs. The submission of your data is encrypted and password protected. If you decide to go forward with her financial planning services after your initial meeting, a more comprehensive data gathering exercise will be coordinated.

If you are close to retirement or already retired, please consider investing 15 minutes of your time to watch her Income for Life video. It will explain a different investment strategy for those planning to take distributions from their nest egg in the near future.

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